Residents along stretch of Prue Road demand action to slow down speeders

Recent crashes have brought light to ongoing problem

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Police Department’s traffic officers were busy pulling over speeders Friday along Prue Road, west of Babcock Road, after multiple complaints concerning crashes.

Cheyenne Maldonado is hesitant to let her kids play in their home’s backyard. The Westfield community resident who lives along Prue Road said numerous vehicles have crashed into her fence.

“The cars will just come around way too quick, and they think they can make it, but they just shoot right into our yard and then our neighbor’s yard as well,” she explained.

Last week, SAPD responded to two vehicles that crashed into homes on separate sides of Prue Road near Westfield Place.

Maldonado said she’s fed up and hoping someone will help out residents who don’t want to leave their homes.

“I would want to, but it’s just not an option at all. We’re very lucky for what we have, so I want to try and stay as long as possible,” she said.

District 8 Councilman Manny Pelaez issued the following statement:

“Our office has received multiple complaints about the excessive speeding taking place on Prue Road between Cedar Park and Babcock Rd.

“This has been an ongoing problem that my office has tackled for some time now. Last year, I had the City of San Antonio install two digital feedback signs on Prue Rd near Westfield Pl. to encourage drivers to slow down and be aware of their speed.

“In the past two weeks two accidents have taken place in the area--righteously raising the concern of residents and other drivers in the area. We are on the phone and coordinating daily with several City of San Antonio departments to find a resolution to this ongoing problem. “Additionally, our SAPD partners at the Prue Substation informed us that they would monitor the area closely.

“Please contact my office at 210-207-0943 or email if you have any questions or concerns.”

San Antonio police said they’re adding more eyes to that stretch of road and issued the following statement:

“SAPD is aware of these two crashes that occurred on the 7100 block of Prue Rd in the month of January 2023. In both crashes, driver error was the contributing factor. In one the driver attempted to accelerate to pass a slower vehicle resulting in a road-rage type incident that ended in a single vehicle crash; the other occurred on a rainy day and the driver failed to control the speed of their vehicle, resulting in her losing control of their vehicle. SAPD Prue SAFFE officers and patrol have also increased their presence on that stretch of road.

“We ask motorists to drive carefully and follow all posted traffic control devices to ensure safety for all that share the roadways.”

Members of the community have started an online petition demanding that more aggressive steps be taken to slow down speeders. They’re asking for a traffic light. See the petition here.

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