Keep yourself warm with this oscillating personal heater

If you're living in a cold place this winter, it's vital to take care of yourself and treat yourself to all the warmth you can get. From a heated jacket to a foot massager with heat, there's no shortage of products we have to keep you feeling toasty.If you're sick of the cold and want an affordable option to keep you heated at your home or in the office, you are in luck! Right now, you can get the Eden Comfort Oscillating Personal Heater for a highly discounted rate.This personal heater features a turbine blade that is able to offer three seconds of heat and a third-gear adjustment, all without drying out your skin or hair. It also comes with a touch key and light tone for added convenience and no noisy annoyance during use. Plus, with added safety thanks to double overheat protection, you can use this heater fearlessly! And finally, thanks to its small, lightweight, and compact nature, you can bring it with you wherever you go.There are plenty of reasons to consider purchasing a personal heater this winter, and there's no shortage of praise for them from various outlets. Tom's Guide recommends them as a more affordable alternative to a full home heating system, saying, "Naturally, heating one room up to temperature is going to require less energy versus heating the entire house. This is one of the primary reasons why people opt to purchase space heaters." The Department of Energy recommends them because they are a great way to accommodate one cold person without affecting other people in the home, saying, "They can also boost the temperature of rooms used by individuals who are sensitive to cold without overheating your entire home."Right now, you can buy the Eden Comfort Oscillating Personal Heater for just $36.99. That's marked down 64% from its MSRP of $104.Prices subject to change.

Luxuriate in the softness of these sheets and let them help lull you into sleep

Without even delving into any studies, we all know how important sleep is. Just consider how un-bright and un-bushy-tailed you are when you haven’t received your required number of hours of shut-eye. Besides getting the recommended amount (between 7 and 9 hours for adults), the time you go to sleep can also have an effect on your well-being. But sometimes, try as we might, sleep eludes us no matter when we hit the sheets. It could be because your partner’s snoring is keeping you up, or it could simply be that you need to up the quality of your sheets.Now we’re not going to purport that by simply putting these super-soft, brushed microfiber sheets on your bed that you’re going get the rest that you need, but we do think they can help you relax as your body eases into comfort.Think of it this way: Sheets are like underwear for your bed. As you get dressed in the morning, you give great thought to what you're going to wear for the day. Likewise, you painstakingly pick your comforter and decorative pillows, knowing that's what everyone is going to see. But when it comes to your undergarments, well, those are more personal. You select pieces that are comfortable, that will make you feel good. And so it is with sheets. You want linens that perhaps not everyone will see but are going to give you that same satisfaction. These Soft Home sheets will do that for you.The durable brushed microfiber will help to keep you cozy and warm, without feeling heavy. Resistant to fading, wrinkling, and pilling, these linens are extremely elegant and yet won’t break your budget. Available in five different sizes—Twin ($26.99), Twin XL ($26.99), Full ($32.99), Queen ($34.99), and King ($37.99)—the set includes a flat sheet and a fully elasticized fitted sheet that fits mattresses up to 16” deep, plus two pillowcases (except Twin and Twin XL which include one pillowcase).Plush to the touch and appealing to the eye, they'll envelop you with a feeling so heavenly, you'll think that you're sleeping on cloud 9.

Cook like a pro with this professional Wolfgang Puck cookware set

If you’re looking to step up your home cooking game in 2023, you need the kitchen kit to make it happen - and disposable trays just won’t cut it if you’re looking to elevate your chef skills. If you’ve got a trusty cookware set on hand, you really can make anything: and this 9-piece stainless steel cookware set from world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck is one of the very best. Even better, right now you can grab an incredible discount on the full set. Usually $249, you can grab it now for just $189 — that’s a saving of more than $50. this your key to making healthy meals and chef-quality food from home this year - whether you want to improve your nutrition, host impressive dinner parties, or simply cut down on the amount of takeout, this is the perfect starting point. After all, they do say “a man is only as good as his tools”.As cooking tools go, they don’t get much better than this. This premium cookware set, crafted from high-quality stainless steel, includes everything you need to prepare a wide variety of dishes with ease and precision. Whether you fancy yourself boiling pasta or searing steaks, this versatile set have you covered. That’s because, with this bumper set, you’ll get nine different pots and pans for every occasion. That includes an 11” deep sauté skillet, an 8” small skillet, a 1 qt saucepan, a 6 qt stockpot, and a 3 qt saucepot - so you’ll have the perfect pan whether you’re cooking a meal for one, or for the whole family. Each pot comes with cool-touch handles, for easy use without any worry while cooking, and clear, tempered glass lids, so you can keep and a keen eye on your food while it’s cooking, without needing to remove the lid - keeping the steam and flavor beautifully sealed in. Plus, each pot is made with a useful non-stick Whitford Eterna coating, so your food won’t stick to the pan like with other lesser-quality cookware. Get this Wolfgang Puck 9-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set on sale with 24% off now, for $189.99 (regular price $249). Prices subject to change.

Sam’s Club is helping beat back the high cost of inflation with half-off club membership

For years, it’s practically been parody to express sticker shock when prices at the supermarket go up. But as the U.S. and the rest of the world battle inflation, it isn’t so funny anymore. Even Help Me Hank is coming up with battle strategies for getting out of the grocery store with your wallet intact. I mean…have you seen the price of eggs lately?Of course, one strategy for combating supermarket prices is to avoid the supermarket. By instead turning to a one-year membership with a warehouse giant like Sam’s Club, you save money by buying all those household essentials you need in bulk. With nearly 600 locations in 44 states and Puerto Rico, you already know the advantages of access to a giant warehouse store, packed with groceries, household items, electronics, furniture and other critical goods, all available at discounts only available through large warehouse stores.While those deals are mighty tempting, Sam’s Club sweetens the pot by offering members even more club advantages, including discounts on rental cars, live events, attractions, movies, and more. A simple Sam’s Club membership can even save you up to 60% on hotel stays all over the world.“We have been a club member for years and we love their low price discount,” Sam’s Club member Mike said. “Low price gasoline is a bonus too.”On top of that, new members also get a complimentary household card that adds on extra savings off some of Sam’s Club’s already low-priced best selling items. When you do all that math, it effectively makes the cost of your full year membership a handful of pocket change…especially now.Regularly $50, new members can take advantage of this new 2023 offer and join Sam’s Club now with a one-year membership at half off, just $24.99. And the membership auto-renews, so if you love the Sam’s Club convenience after your initial 12 months, you’ll be automatically set to enjoy those same cost-cutting perks in 2024 too.Prices subject to change

No matter what your New Year’s resolution is, these courses will help you reach your goals in 2023

The New Year is finally here and you finally have a clean slate to work with. Whether it's sticking to a workout routine, being better about cleaning, or finally bringing a new business idea to life, reaching your goals in 2023 can be really challenging, no matter how dedicated you are. But maybe you don't have to do it all on your own. There's no shame in asking for a little help, especially when it comes to working on yourself, and that's where these online courses come in handy. Designed to help you with your aspirations in the new year, these learning aids give you the necessary tools for you to reach your goals, with failure never being an option. And since the entire bundle of seven courses is deeply discounted to just $15, this is one of the smartest investments in yourself you can make.While lots of people want to lose weight in the new year, it's easier said than done. That's why this bundle offers five different courses based on physical wellness, helping you to feel and look your very best. From how to stay motivated and build maintainable lifestyle changes to building the perfect workout for your body type, these courses are like having your own personal fitness coach with you all the time. There's even an entire course dedicated to coaching so you can help others in their journeys down the road.In addition to physical health, this educational bundle also features lessons on building a business, from helpful modeling techniques to invaluable marketing info. It also has a course packed with 29 lessons on how to start a YouTube automation channel and actually make money off of it. You'll find out how to create clickable thumbnails, monetize your videos with less than 1,000 subscribers, and so much more.Each course is led by experienced professionals, like best-selling instructor Felix Harder, respected CEO and entrepreneur Anthony Gioeli, and Founder of Invert Media, Bryan Guerra, all boasting student ratings as high as 4.6 out of five stars. Start the new year off on the right foot with The 2023 New Years' Resolution and Weight Loss Bundle, now just $15.Prices subject to change.

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