Mad Science: Exploring surface tension with bubble snakes + more

Try these 3 easy, budget-friendly experiments at home with your kids!

SAN ANTONIO – Want to keep your kids learning this summer? Here are three fun and easy experiments to explore surface tension with your kids at home with a little help from Andrea Cook with Mad Science of Austin and San Antonio.

1. Exploding colors: Add drops of food coloring to a plate of milk and see the colors spread as they disrupt the surface tension.

2. Bubble fun: Can you catch the bubble and keep it intact, without disrupting the surface tension? You’ll definitely have fun trying!

3. Bubble snakes: Cut the bottom end off a water bottle, cover the bottom end of the bottle with a washcloth or dishcloth and seal it with a rubber band. Dip the cloth in soapy water, then blow through the top of the bottle and watch your bubble snake grow!

Watch the video above for step-by-step instructions and to learn the science behind these experiments.

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