Hey, Insiders! We want your feedback on our weather app

KSAT Weather Authority

Changes are coming to our app! We need your insights to make improvements. How do you use weather apps? What are your favorite features? What would you like to see? Share your thoughts through the survey below! It will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Why your feedback matters

Our weather app aims to provide accurate, timely and useful weather information to help you plan ahead.

Whether you’re checking the daily weather forecast, monitoring severe storms, or just satisfying your curiosity about the weather patterns, your feedback helps us understand what works well and what can be improved.

What to expect in the survey

The survey will take about 10 minutes of your time and includes various sections that cover:

  • General usage: How often you use the app, from multiple times a day to rarely.
  • Feature feedback: Which features you use regularly, such as daily forecasts, weather radar, or UV index.
  • Radar: Detailed questions about how you use the weather radar, what you use it for, and any improvements you’d like to see.
  • Alerts and notifications: How often you use the weather push alerts and whether you have set multiple locations in the app.
  • Satisfaction: Your overall satisfaction with the app and any additional features you wish were included.

How your input will be used

Your responses will directly influence how we prioritize new features and enhancements.The insights you provide will be instrumental in helping us deliver a more reliable and user-friendly weather app that meets your needs. Get started by filling out the survey below, or click here.

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