Larry Ramirez

Sports Anchor

Larry Ramirez joined the KSAT 12 sports team in October 2004.

He came to San Antonio via Jacksonville, Fla., where he was a sports anchor and reporter at WJXT-TV for two years.

Larry began his broadcast career in 2000 as the weekend sports anchor for WBKP-TV in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He was soon promoted to weeknights and became sports director at the station, where he remained until September 2001.

He then crossed the Mackinaw Bridge, aka the "Mighty Mac," to become assistant sports director at WWTV in Cadillac, Mich., where he worked for 10 months.

Larry first wanted to be a truck driver as a boy, but eventually grew out of that phase. He then wanted to be an architect, but realized he could not sit behind a desk all day.

His top dream was to become a fighter pilot. He loves flying, but a heart murmur kept him from pursuing that dream. "I passed all the necessary tests," he said, "but you must be 100 percent physically fit in order to fly jets." Larry hopes to get his private flying license in the next few years.

For now, Larry is living his second dream of sports reporting and anchoring.

"What a great gig. I get to hang with the pro athletes, and talk sports as a job," Larry said. His favorite part of the job is meeting viewers.

In his spare time, Larry works out, listens to music, watches sports, reads, and does whatever and goes wherever the day takes him. Larry would also love to learn to play guitar.

Larry was born and raised in Southern California.