Texas Lutheran softball continues to dominate, while having a party!

The Bulldogs keep the environment fun by having a “Bulldog Party” each day.

The Texas Lutheran softball team has put together another success season, with a record of 23 wins and only two losses and the Bulldogs are currently on a 15-game winning streak. This program has set a standard for excellence and holds itself accountable, but what specifically has led to its success this season?

“We have a lot more players this year so we have a lot more depth, we have a lot of good pitching in the circle for us and we have a lot of different defenders,” said senior pitcher Ashlyn Strother. “If I’m not doing well I know that five other pitchers have my back and they can go in at any minute and do their job just as well as I could do it.”

“We have a lot of expectations of one another and team expectations, so being able to reach those expectations is one really big part in why we’re so successful,” said junior shortstop Linzee Leal.

“I think it’s an exciting brand of softball,” said Head Coach Wade Wilson. “We enjoy it and it’s fast and we keep you on your toes and it’s all gas no breaks.”

While the success has led to fun off the field, the Bulldogs also like to keep the environment a fun atmosphere but bumping upbeat music during practice and having what they like to call a “Bulldog Party”.

“We say that we do Bulldog Parties, every day is a party when you’re with these girls it’s so fun we’re all super close, it’s just fun being out here,” said Strother.

“I just think it’s so electric and it just gives us that certain vibe in like we’re in it together, we’re having this party together and we’re all in it,” said Leal. “Everybody’s here as a whole and so we’re fighting for each other we’re loving each other and we’re just kinda doing it all as one big party so, it’s really what it is.”

The Bulldogs would look to party some more this weekend when they host Trinity University for a three-game series.

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