Motorcyclists say construction and road pavement on I-35 causes safety concerns

A spokesperson with TxDOT says more milling and inlaying is expected over next few months

SAN ANTONIO – Travel is expected to soar across Texas during Memorial Day weekend. But for motorcyclists, concern is high right now as they ride along Interstate 35.

“You just always have to be on a high alert mode at all times,” Joshua Thurston, a San Antonio motorcycle rider, said.

Motorcyclists like Thurston said driving in parts of San Antonio has been difficult with ongoing construction. Over the last month, multiple bikers told KSAT that parts of I-35 have become safety hazards as crews work on repairing the pavement.

“It’s a dangerous situation,” Heath Feigle, another rider, said.

The Texas Department of Transportation confirmed crews have been repairing the road between Toepperwein and 1604 exits over the last couple of weeks. A spokesperson confirmed that this stretch was paved over this past week.

But, that spokesperson also said more milling and inlaying will happen across other areas of the interstate over the next few months. TxDOT is urging people to drive safely during this time.

“Please be aware of changes in the pavement and use caution while driving through the work zone,” that spokesperson said.

“Is it a relief then to hear that (TxDOT) is paving this stretch of I-35?” KSAT reporter Avery Everett asked Feigle.

“It’s a huge relief,” he replied.

But bikers say this problem is citywide. Keely Wentz said she crashed after riding through loose gravel on Walzem Road.

“We’re taking all the precautions that we can, and we’re still going down, and we’re still getting hurt,” Wentz said. “I almost tore off my right pinky. It was hanging on by just a bit of thread.”

Wentz said her bike is still in the shop, but she said she’s just happy to be alive.

“I still get a little bit of anxiety thinking about even getting back on the bike because I did everything right,” Wentz said.

Her story isn’t the only one, especially as San Antonio continues to grow and construction becomes more widespread.

“I have heard a lot of lot of reports about riders going down and getting hurt,” Thurston said. “It’s just going to keep growing and growing and getting worse and worse. Until that’s addressed from the root cause, it’s going to get worse.”

TxDOT’s website has a link to report an issue or file a complaint. Click here for that.

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