The rise of esports in NISD: from classroom to competitive

Possibilities and opportunities for gaming are expanding

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Keep your chins up, parents: gaming is now a career.

As esports become increasingly more popular and respected, the possibilities and opportunities for gaming are expanding.

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 90% of children older than 2 years play video games, and three-quarters of American households own a video game console.

Initiated in the late 1970s, professional tournaments are becoming increasingly popular, and now they’re reaching middle and high schoolers across the country.

One district, in particular, is rising in its quest to dominate the pre-professional gaming world.

Northside ISD has given both middle and high school students alike the opportunity to take their gaming skills from their desks at home to district-held tournaments and clubs.

In early 2020, former district Superintendent Dr. Brian Woods was inspired by surrounding districts to implement this into Northside ISD.

Currently, Academic Technologies Esports Coordinator, Matt Frymiere, oversees all Northside esports activity; from the tournaments themselves to the programs and classes offered.

“Nobody is doing it at the level we are,” Frymiere says about his district accomplishments, “especially in intramural competitions.”

These clubs and miniature tournaments are held at the district level, where middle school qualifiers play for the chance to make it to championships and win trophies and various accolades to take home. Then, at the high school stage, things begin to get a bit more complex with the chance to gain scholarships for being the best at your level in the games offered: Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, Mario Kart 8, and League of Legends.

Although not quite UIL-affiliated yet, Northside has done a great job at giving students a chance to begin their skill sets for the nationally-held esports professional tournaments.

NISD is giving students more opportunities to strengthen their skills through tournaments that are not only giving gamers the chance to shine and improve their skills at an academic level but are also opening doors for new opportunities for college and future careers.

**This article was published through a partnership between KSAT and NISD.

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