Churchill High School students creating video games learn important skills

Designing video games in the classroom catches students’ attention.

SAN ANTONIO – Video game design classes at Churchill High School are empowering students and providing them with the tools to be successful in the field.

Students in Tristan Landrus’ classroom are creating video games using a software called Unreal Engine 5.

“Same software is being used to develop Rocket League, Fortnite. A lot of big brand games that you see in the marketplace, so getting these kids to learn industry relevant software at a very young age is going to help them phenomenally in their career,” Landrus said.

Students are learning how to problem-solve, create, and work in a team.

“There’s a little bit of algebra here. There is basic reasoning. Group work. Able to be a team player. All of these soft skills they need to be successful in this industry or any work industry is what we get to cover in here,” Landrus said.

The students are guided by Landrus who received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Cyber Security from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Landrus is passionate about education and creating a positive and fun environment for learners.

“I hope this program continues to grow. Right now, our video game design classes are paired with animation. So, I also teach animated film. I would love to build it up as its own pathway,” Landrus said.

Some of these students are also part of the new Churchill Esports team and are looking into the gaming industry after graduation.

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