Behind the Kitchen Door: Coffee shop’s license suspended (again) due to roach infestation

Jim’s Coffee Shop in 4100 Block of Broadway had ‘several live insects’ during October inspection

SAN ANTONIO – The health department was forced to shut down a local coffee shop for the second time this year due to a recurring problem — a roach infestation.

KSAT reporter Tim Gerber tried to get some answers this week but was stopped before he even made it inside. So, what was happening behind their kitchen door?

Jim’s Coffee Shop

The Jim’s Coffee Shop, located in the 4100 hundred block of Broadway, got an 82 on its Oct. 18 health inspection. It also led to the establishment being temporarily shut down.

The inspector suspended its license due to a roach infestation. The inspector noted that she saw “several live insects.”

The business was told to do a deep cleaning to remove all the dead roaches, sanitize all the equipment and shelving units, and show proof of pest control measures to reopen.

It’s not the first time the restaurant has dealt with a bug problem. Back in June, the business was shut down for the same reason.

When Gerber stopped by in August, a manager said things were under control.

“It’s an ongoing deal. We’ve worked with our cleaning processes here,” manager Donovan Setterlund said. “We’ve worked with the people at pest control, and we’re good.”

As Gerber was getting ready to go inside the restaurant again this week to ask some questions, a man who identified himself as an employee pulled up behind Gerber and his photographer and said he knew why “they were there” and told them not to go inside.

The employee said, “It’s all been taken care of,” and then refused to answer any questions as he waited for employees to let him in a back door.

It’s unknown how long the business was closed to make the corrections necessary to reopen.

Pho Vy Vietnamese Noodle Restaurant

Pho Vy Vietnamese Noodle Restaurant in the 8200 block of Marbach Road earned a 76 on its October inspection.

It had problems with proper food handling, including raw chicken being stored next to other foods and prepared next to fried chicken. The worker handling that chicken also didn’t wash their hands correctly.

The business was also told to leave the hot water on at all times.

They were told to hire pest control services to eradicate flies and keep the back door closed.

It seems they haven’t fixed that issue because it was wide open when Gerber drove by this week, and it appeared there were plenty of gaps in the screen door for bugs to get in.

The business was told to make corrections by the next inspection.

La Fiesta Market (Poco Loco Supermercado)

La Fiesta Market (Poco Loco Supermercado), located in the 7000 block of Marbach Road, earned a 76 on its October health inspection.

Meat for sale on a shelf had been prepped seven days before the inspection and had a brownish color. The meat was removed. Meanwhile, raw beef was stored next to vegetables.

Multiple gnats were found in the business, and managers were told to hire pest control services to eradicate them.

Employees were also preparing food without hats or hairnets.

A re-inspection was planned for the following day.

La Sorpresa Cafe

La Sorpresa Cafe, located in the 3200 block of Pleasanton Road, earned an 82.

A worker was cutting raw meat on the same prep table as ready-to-eat foods. Another worker was seen touching ready-to-eat tortillas and breakfast tacos with bare hands.

Rodent droppings were found in the dry storage area, along with rodent traps and baits scattered below a storage rack. All three doors in the back of the business had gaps. The business was told to fix the gaps, hire professional pest control services and provide proof of treatment.

They also needed to clean the inside of the ice machine to remove black residue.

A re-inspection was scheduled for early November.

Score Guide

100-90 = A (Very Good to Acceptable)

89-80 = B (Acceptable to Marginal)

79 or lower = C (Marginal to Poor)

*Metro Health indicates that scores of 69 or lower are failing scores

Other scores from this week of inspections (10/15-10/21)

Mya’s Tex Mex Cafe, 100

10203 Culebra Rd


Popo Pizzeria Trattoria, 100

18866 Stone Oak Pkwy


Salvation Army Cafeteria, 100

1324 S Flores St


Taco Bell, 100

11731 SE 410


Wendy’s, 100

514 W Cevallos St


Taco Cabana, 99

25103 IH 10 W


Whataburger, 98

25111 IH 10 W


The Fruteria y Botanero by Chef Johnny Hernandez, 97

1401 S Flores St


Popeyes, 96

9102 N FM 1604 W


Summer Moon Coffee Bar, 95

25035 IH 10 W


True Noodle & Poke, 94

8622 Huebner Rd


Burger King, 93

5218 De Zavala Rd


Taco Palenque, 92

6614 W 1604 N


Tiago’s Cabo Grille, 91

17711 IH 10 W


Taqueria Los Dos Laredos, 90

1264 Austin Hwy

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The reports go back six months and are frequently updated.

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