Jourdanton Police Department identify person of interest in animal cruelty case

Group of dogs to be adopted out-of-state through ‘4 Little Paws’

JOURDANTON, Texas – The Jourdanton Police Department and the Atascosa County Animal Control Authority saved 10 dogs on Nov. 4.

The animals were rescued from a property that was surrounded by debris, including home appliances, suitcases, trash bins, and strollers.

Ten days later, authorities continue to make progress in the case being investigated as animal cruelty.

“We have a person of interest that we’re tracking down who we believe may have been occasionally feeding dogs over there and or bringing dogs over there,” said Jourdanton police Chief Eric Kaiser. “He does not have a permanent address. So, we’ve had a little trouble finding him.”

Authorities have also identified the homeowner. However, in this case, they would not face charges.

“The homeowner has been incarcerated for a lengthy period of time,” Kaiser said. “It would be difficult to hold them responsible for what’s happening at that property if they’re not actually there.”

Another key item for Kaiser is the cleanup of the property.

Two weeks ago, Kaiser submitted a request to the Jourdanton Public Works Department. However, he said the request is delayed due to a shortage of roll-off dumpsters.

“We expect by this weekend to have a a roll-off dumpster over there so we can start removing all the debris that covers the property,” Kaiser said. “We have to see how much we can fit in those big dumpsters, and depending on how quickly we can get them, will determine how quickly we can get everything cleaned off the property. It’s an eyesore and a health issue for neighbors in that area.”

It’s a big task set to start Saturday and will cost the city several thousand dollars.

The dogs are on the road to recovery and headed to the East Coast.

Their stay at the Atascosa County Animal Control Department was short after the rescue group, “Maddie’s Dog Rescue” out of Uvalde volunteered to take the group. Maddie’s Rescue partnered with a larger rescue, “4 Little Paws.” The dogs will be rescued by families in Connecticut within two weeks.

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