Thousands of KSAT Insiders, Fiesta fans attend KSAT parade parties

Thank you for joining us at the Battle of Flowers® and Fiesta Flambeau KSAT parties

Another Fiesta season is in the books. Thank you for making this year extra special by choosing to celebrate with your KSAT community.

To remember the great moments together, we’ve put together a video and shared a few photos in this article from the parties at the Battle of Flowers® and Fiesta Flambeau parades.

We loved meeting you in person, and we hope we’ll get to see you again at the next KSAT party!

🌺 If you have any photos or videos you’d like to share with us, we’d love to see them on the KSAT Connect Fiesta page.

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Diana V

We enjoyed the Fiesta Flambeau parade with KSAT 12

San Antonio

Fiesta Fun thanks to KSAT!

San Antonio

Taco Tuesday on a Saturday!

San Antonio
Evita Castro

Viva Fiesta 2023

San Antonio


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Rocio Hernandez is the membership producer for KSAT Insider, a free membership program that strengthens the relationships between our newsroom and the communities we serve. Prior to joining the KSAT team, Rocio worked as a communications intern at the International Center for Journalists and fellow at The Texas Tribune.

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