UK parliament member who had quadruple amputation returns to standing ovation

Craig Mackinlay returned to Commons and hopes to be known as “bionic MP”

Craig Mackinlay, a member of Parliament in the United Kingdom and quadruple amputee, gets a standing ovation upon his return to the House of Commons. Photo courtesy of the House of Commons via Storyful. (Storyful)

It was quite a heartwarming seen on the floor of the United Kingdom’s House of Commons on Wednesday.

Craig Mackinlay, a member of Parliament representing South Thanet, returned to the Commons and received a standing ovation from constituents months after having both his hands and feet amputated in December.

The video courtesy of the House of Commons via Storyful can be seen above.

Mackinlay was stricken with a bout of sepsis in September, which forced him to have his hands and feet amputated.

He was later fitted with prosthetic legs and hands, and made his triumphant return to the Commons to resume his duties.

Mackinlay said he wants to be known as the “bionic MP” going forward. MP means member of parliament.

During the session, Mackinlay thanked the medical staff who treated him and brought awareness to treating the early signs of sepsis, a life-threatening condition where chemicals released in the bloodstream to fight an infection trigger inflammation throughout the body.

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