Take the sting out of cleaning day with this award-winning and powerful electric scrubber, now $80

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While you may look forward to having a day or two off each week, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be sitting back, relaxing with a Mai Tai in hand.

In fact, it’s quite the contrary, as free days often equate to “errand day” or the dreaded “cleaning day.” But what if getting on your hands and knees to scrub your bathtub isn’t your idea of a good time?

While most people love the idea of a clean home, many aren’t too keen on the work that goes into it. But with handy gadgets like this electric spin scrubber by HOTO, cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, and wherever else really isn’t all that bad. Now, it’s on sale for only $79.99 (reg. $99)!

Say goodbye to aching arms after cleaning day when you have the HOTO electric scrubber. HOTO, short for “home tools,” is a brand dedicated to making practical gadgets cool and highly functional. It’s been awarded over 40 international design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award (Japan).

This electric scrubber packs a powerful punch, with 2.5 Nm of spin torque, making it capable of scrubbing out even the most stubborn stains and gross buildup around your home.

Its bristles are designed for durability and efficient scrubbing, and you can also select from two speed options, Soft and Slow (220 r/min) or Strong and Fast (300 r/min), to optimize your cleaning sessions!


Feeling an itch for a late-night cleaning session? The HOTO electric scrubber operates quietly at 65dB, making it easy to tidy up without disturbing your neighbor, roommate, or family members.

Thanks to its adjustable rod, which can extend anywhere between 90 and 120 centimeters, you can reach all those tough spots that could use a good scrub, like the corners of your bathtub or awkward gaps near your fridge. Plus, its ergonomic 45° brush handle and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver!

Worried all your cleaning needs will wear out the HOTO scrubber too quickly? It comes with six interchangeable brush heads, giving you plenty of cleaning mileage. It also boasts a 4,000mAh high-capacity lithium battery, meaning it can keep going for up to 90 minutes (on full battery!) before it needs a charge.

Make cleaning day more efficient when you get the HOTO Electric Spin Scrubber, now just $79.99!

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