Want better sleep? Add this personal A/C and Loona Plus to your bedtime routine, now only $79!

Want better sleep? Add this personal A/C and Loona Plus to your bedtime routine, now only $79! (via StackCommerce)

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While lying down to sleep sounds like the simplest thing ever, it’s anything but for many. From impending thoughts to never-ending mental checklists, shutting them off to get the rest you need can be challenging. But perhaps you’re just not using the right resources to help you relax more effectively at night.

If you could use some better sleep, especially as the warmer months draw near, you may want to consider popping one of these personal air conditioners by EvaChill onto your nightstand and adding Loona Plus to your sleepy time routine. For only $79 (reg. $99), you can soothe and cool your mind and body with the EvaChill and Loona Plus!

Instead of racking up your electric bill with your regular A/C to avoid night sweats, the EvaChill (which comes in a chic lavender!) cools down your room efficiently with its EvaBreeze® material (it cools 5x as much!), which also is eco-friendly and bio-safe. Just fill this A/C’s water tank, connect it to power, and let it do its thing. The water will spread evenly through the cooling pads to lower your bedroom temperature.


You could cool your room in just 10 minutes, ensuring a chill night’s rest. A full tank ensures the EvaChill keeps your space crisp for up to 8 hours, and this portable A/C operates quietly the entire time. The EvaChill can even purify and humidify the air in your room, filtering out dust particles and creating a more comfortable climate.

While the EvaChill is a great thing to have by your side to help you cool down and relax, it pairs even better with Loona Plus, an app designed to help you calm your mind for more restful sleep. You’ll get a free year of Loona Plus, which gives you access to a vast library of interactive 3D escapes, calming music, nature sounds, and audio stories, all designed to help you wind down more mindfully before getting your beauty sleep.

Take your bedtime routine to the next level when you grab the EvaChill EV-500 in lavender and a free one-year subscription to Loona Plus for just $79!

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