Local chef -- once against air fryers -- explains why he is now hooked

Cooking any meal is as easy as simply pressing a button

Paula Deen air fryer

Air fryers are all the rage now, but why?

When the team at KSAT Deals searched to find out what hidden secrets the air fryer holds, they reached out to local restauranteur, Chef Tatu.

Tatu admits he was against air fryers for a long time, saying, “I thought it was whack” -- and further confessed he doesn’t own a microwave.

Now that he has experimented with the air fryer, he’s hooked, and uses it almost every day (especially when it’s his turn to cook the family meal).

Ever-focused on food that is both delicious and kitchen-friendly in preparation, Tatu created the avocado fries/fried avocado poppers. Made with bacon, avocado, jalapenos, Tajin -- because it’s what Tatu does -- and ranch for dipping, they’re all simple ingredients most of us have on hand regularly, transformed into a crispy, creamy, spicy delight, in just nine minutes.

Most air fryers have built-in digital pre-set functions, but Tatu found it just as easy to select a desired temperature and time.

Fast, easy, kid-friendly and safe to use because the exterior of the unit does not get hot, this kitchen gadget can become a menu planning staple -- from pancakes and hash browns to pizza pockets and your favorite protein.

The possibilities really are endless. It’s no wonder air fryers are selling like hotcakes these days.

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