Diabetes Alert Day is March 28. Do you know your risk?

Many people have diabetes or elevated sugar levels and they don’t even know it

March 28 is Diabetes Alert Day, and The Texas Diabetes Institute wants to remind everyone to get their glucose (sugar) levels checked.

The purpose of Diabetes Alert Day is to raise awareness about diabetes and prediabetes. Many people have diabetes or elevated sugar levels and don’t know it. By checking your blood sugar levels, you can take steps to keep those levels within a normal range.

In addition to checking blood sugar levels, it’s important to eat a balanced meal. The diabetes institute recommends using the plate method.

To execute this, fill half of your plate with vegetables or leafy greens, a quarter of your plate with whole grains and the remaining quarter of your plate with a protein. You can get creative with the plate method and try new foods to find healthy choices you enjoy.

For those interested in learning more, The Texas Diabetes Institute is hosting a free event on March 28. Visitors can attend a prediabetes class, food demonstrations, glucose checks and a “Ask the doctor” event where attendees can get their questions answered by a University Health physician who specializes in diabetes.

For more information on diabetes, you can visit University Health’s website.