Northside ISD junior advocating for ‘Stop the Bleed’ training for students

“We have these bleeding kits located everywhere on campus,” Hector Frausto said.

Across Texas, students are learning a lifesaving technique called “Stop the Bleed.”

One Northside ISD junior took the training to the next level and made it his focus for a project to help others.

“In them, they have a tourniquet, they have some packing gauze, really everything,” Hector Frausto, a junior at O’Connor High School, said.

The simple yet lifesaving kits are located across the O’Connor High School campus.

“We want to make them, like, as approachable as possible for any students,” Frausto said, showing the contents of one kit.

The Stop the Bleed kits and training have been around in Texas schools since 2020.

Frausto took the training this year as a junior as a part of an independent study mentorship program with San Antonio Metro Health.

“Stop the Bleed -- it’s honestly quite simple. It’s now made for anyone in the general public,” Frausto said.

As a part of his ISM project, Frausto made pre-training videos for students taking Stop the Bleed courses to help engage them.

“Stop the Bleed is just another part of emergency preparedness and ensuring that everyone has accessible and safe care whenever. Hopefully, it doesn’t come. But again, if there’s a traumatic bleeding incident or mass casualty, you’re there to act on the scene,” he said.

He says it’s vital more people in the general public know what to do should the worst happen because those first few minutes in a traumatic bleeding incident could mean the difference in life and death.

“Hopefully, you have at least one or two people in that classroom that can be like, ‘Oh, hey, give me someone’s shirt, give me a towel.’ Like, let’s start putting pressure because you will end up saving that person’s life,” Frausto said.

He has made it his mission to spread the Stop the Bleed training to more students across his campus and across the Northside ISD district.

“Ultimately, my goal is to make sure as many people as possible are certified and trained,” Frausto said.

Northside ISD recently held a Stop the Bleed training event for students and staff to get certified.

Frausto said his goal is to have more training courses both in the fall and in the spring of the next school year.

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