L.E.E. High School students learn best culinary practices with top notch instruction

Eligible students learn new cuisines, cooking, fruit and vegetable identification

SAN ANTONIO – Culinary program students at L.E.E. High School are focusing on cooking, baking, safety and sanitation practices.

“They learn food science. They learn cuisines from all over the world,” said Marnique Jourdan-Davis, a culinary arts teacher.

Students can join the program starting their sophomore year and learn meat fabrication, fruit and vegetable identification and cooking.

Jourdan-Davis said students can apply what they learned in the classroom at home.

“I introduce them to recipes they’ve never seen and they can go home and show their families, and a lot of the times they bring tips and recipes from home that they share with me that I learn as well,” Jourdan-Davis said.

She said the program is impacting students in different ways.

“I see them come alive, especially when we are making things that they really wanted to learn how to make, and so I just see the spark come alive in them. And it’s great that I know that I’m teaching them a skill they can use for the rest of their lives,” Jourdan-Davis said.

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