Get cheap flights for life for only $90 with this holiday deal

KSAT Deals (via StackCommerce)

Planning a trip this year? It’s always exciting to start dreaming about travel, but flight prices can really mess with your vacation budget. That’s where Matt’s Flights comes in. This subscription allows you to get the best air travel deals possible. Even if you only take one flight this year, the cost of membership may be offset by the incredible savings you’ll access — especially because this holiday weekend, a subscription to Matt’s Flights is now available for only $89.99.

Yep, you can be the first to know about the best travel deals and get thousands of dollars off your flights for life with Matt’s Flights for only $89.99 during this President’s Day sale, running through February 20 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Considering a lifetime subscription is typically valued at $499, that’s an incredible price drop — a whopping 81% off. No coupons needed!

But how exactly does Matt’s Flights save you so much money? Well, Matt keeps an eye out for the best flight prices each day, whether it’s because of special sales, airline mistakes, or what have you, and then quickly alerts you via email so you can score these low prices before anyone else does. Just type in your departing airport options, sit back, and wait for the deals to come rolling in! You’ll get at least three great flight options a week to help inspire any future travel.

That;’s not all! Matt is also on hand 24/7 to provide personal flight support. You can reach out with your custom search requests to see what kind of deals he can dig up for whatever trip you’re planning whenever you need as well. With Matt’s help, you can save up to thousands of dollars off air travel both international and domestic.

No wonder Matt’s Flights has been highlighted in all kinds of outlets, including The New York Times, Thrillist, and Kind Traveler.

Just consider what users have had to say about this service: “Just signed up for Matt’s Flights premium service and was amazed at the deals he found for an upcoming trip I am contemplating. He is super-fast, friendly and responsive. What a great service he provides!” one woman wrote in a five-star review, noting she had saved hundreds of dollars thanks to Matt.

Get cheap flights for life with a subscription to Matt’s Flights Premium Plan for only $89.99 this President’s Day weekend. But make sure to hurry — this deal ends February 20 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Prices subject to change.