Babbel your way to a higher-paying job with this award-winning app for only $199

Babbel Lifetime Subscription (via StackCommerce)

Our world is getting smaller. We’re not speaking literally here (although it seems that our planet is shrinking microscopically each year), but rather in terms of our connectivity to other places and people. Not only are we as individuals traveling more and more, but organizations are becoming more cosmopolitan, a situation that lends itself to us learning more than our native language. Babbel will get you started.

Developed by more than 100 expert linguists and with over 10 million users worldwide, Babbel is the #1 top-grossing language-learning app in the world. Highly rated on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, it is the recipient of rave reviews from users such as, “I am grateful that Babbel attempts to explain [the intricacies of language] all so carefully in an interesting and understandable way,” and “Easy, fun, and user friendly. Love that I can use it anywhere on my mobile phone.”

You have undoubtedly heard the benefits of being bilingual, or even multilingual. Beyond being able to connect more easily with locals as you travel abroad, it helps improve your multitasking abilities and make you a better decision maker. And if you are looking to advance in your career, knowing a language or two certainly doesn’t hurt. In fact, it has been proven that candidates that are versed in more than just English have a better chance of being hired, and have the prospect of a higher salary.

Whether you’re at a beginner level or advanced, Babbel offers instruction in 14 different languages. With bite-sized lessons that cover a wide range of real-life topics, you will be able to fit in a session anytime during your busy day. Thanks to its speech recognition feature, you can determine if you are saying everything just right, while the personalized review sessions will reinforce what you have learned.

So why not join the army of satisfied customers and get a lifetime subscription to Babbel? For one final time, we have dropped the price for this award-winning app to only $199. So take advantage of this deal and you’ll soon be showing us your gratitude with a “Danke,” “Merci,” “Grazie,” or a big thanks in whatever language you choose to learn.

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